I found Mmmmmm Sausage! ( #cgeo #geocaching
I found Mina's Muggleberry Lipstick Cache ( #cgeo #geocaching
Emptied out last evening.  Waiting to reload this afternoon. Jackson, MS to home tomorrow night.
I found JXN Triangle - Exit 45 ( #cgeo #geocaching
I found 94 west-green eggs n cache ( #cgeo #geocaching
I found Eastbound I-94: Time For A Break ( #cgeo #geocaching
I found Eastbound I-94: Time For A Break #2 ( #cgeo #geocaching


I hope this works for you. I had to email the guy that had been sitting on the Penguin.


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Home tomorrow afternoon.
$1,650 is the going rate for new fifth wheels.
Grinding on the fifth wheel mount to get the new plate to fit. Almost there after a whole day wasted.
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Chicken parm with soup and salad. Had to take out the veggie soup for later.  #stuffed

Just popping in to say hello and check out the Twitter, FB, and Youtube integration here.


Have a nice day.

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Just checking to see if this thing still works.
I found Flying J Travel Bug Hotel ( #cgeo #geocaching
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I found The Legacy of The Gn0mes (1st Leg) ( #cgeo #geocaching
I found Kettenring Christmas Cache ( #cgeo #geocaching
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